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Jay is involved in Network Marketing and talks about Send out Cards, a special way you can reveal gratitude to your customers and leads. The end goal is to get in front of your customer, show them your gratitude, and grow their company as well as yours. When you send something unanticipated to reveal appreciation, you will set yourself apart from the marketplace where appreciation is rarely revealed.

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In this episode of Ask the Pro Robert Syslo Jr, Director of Production for Grant Cardone TELEVISION, takes a seat with the Appreciation Expert Jay McHugh. Jay is associated with Network Marketing and discuss Send out Cards, an unique way you can show appreciation to your clients and leads. Jay preaches about the value of appreciation in marketing and how this kind of follow up marketing identifies you from your competition. The end goal is to get in front of your consumer, reveal them your appreciation, and grow their company as well as yours. It can be as basic as saying “thanks”. Whether it be bartending, lawn cutting, or real-estate, revealing gratitude will increase your earnings. Individuals don’t refer average. When you send something unforeseen to reveal gratitude, you will set yourself apart from the market where gratitude is rarely shown. Rather of waiting to show appreciation at the close, frontload it and do it at the start. How can you make use of appreciation in your organization? You do not have enough dollars to contend with Google or Zillow but you can show gratitude in ways in which they don’t. Creativity follows commitment!

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