What Does a Digital Marketer Do? 🤔 | Freelance Digital Marketing Life | Aug. 2018

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In this video which covers August 2018, I cover the all-important of what as a digital marketing specialist– what do I in fact do?

I have retainers with all of my clients and work on a monthly schedule. At the start of the month I send over a list of digital marketing activities which we plan to get done, then I do the work– then at the end of the month I invest a great deal of time talking with clients, by means of e-mail, skype and over the phone to explain to them what we’ve done and what we require from them in order to work on the next month’s batch of projects.

There’s lot of other locations of digital marketing which I really delight in however I’m unsure if there’s other locations which I might invest more time doing.

When it comes to the specific strategies I do within SEO that’s for another video, however in a nutshell that implies I sit down and perform a series of various technical components while at the same time providing guidance and info for things they can do to enhance their organic visibility at their end.

However, what I’ve discovered is that about 80% of the work my clients employ me for however is SEO as way of getting them increased levels of pertinent traffic for their websites (or examining why they’ve experienced a drop in traffic).

As constantly if you’re at all thinking about getting into a profession in digital marketing or wish to know more about SEO then feel complimentary to drop me a message!

I’m considering producing a video about ‘A day in the life of a digital online marketer’ eventually and if that’s something you ‘d have an interest in then let me understand in the remarks below.

For me, I’ve worked in digital marketing for over 9 years now, both in marketing companies and within individual organizations. Now I’m a digital marketing expert in a freelance capacity I’ve pertained to like 3 essential locations of digital marketing– SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Content Marketing and Social Media.

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